A Fresh Easy Summer Salsa Recipe

A refreshing snack is always the perfect treat for yourself and your guests on a hot summer day. With tomatoes and pepper coming in from the garden, and onions curing, This is a great garden fresh dip to make ahead of time and share with friends. 

For this batch of salsa, we are using fresh picked San Marzano Tomatoes and Jalepeno Peppers from the gardens at Pharsalia. Pick a nice meaty tomato for this recipe, Roma Tomatoes also work well.  

For a good small batch of this easy salsa, you can use a couple of Jalepenos (spiciness to taste), 4-6 medium sized tomatoes, and onion in about half the amount of tomatoes. 

With all of your fresh ingredients diced and mixed in a bowl you are ready for the final steps.  Minced Cilantro and  Garlic can be added to taste (I like alot!).  To finish the salsa, 6-8 tbs of white vinegar, and 4 tbs of sugar are mixed in.

The secret addition of 1 tsp of yellow mustard, and 1tsp of horseradish really make this fresh dip stand out. 

Mix everything together (you can of course up the amounts for a larger batch), and hold in the fridge at least overnight. The tastes of this salsa blend and get better and better with time.