Valto Grill at Pharsalia

The June Farm-to-Table appearance of the Valto Grill served up roasted local summer squash, and Caromont cheese on toasted bread handmade by Claudia's Catering

The Valto Grill, and its creator Alex Leff, will be returning for Pharsalia's September 18th Fall Farm-to-Table dinner. Fresh Virginia Oysters will be available during cocktail hour on ice and roasted on the grill. 

Today, we are excited to share some photos of the Valto Grill in action at our June 2015 Farm-to-Table dinner. The grill was such a fun conversation piece. A live fire always brings great energy to a party!

The embers from the fire spread out below the cooking surface, and provided a wonderfully even heat. 

We are thrilled to announce that a Valto Grill will also be available during the live auction that will take place just after the dinner. Come join us for dinner, and take home your own Valto Grill!