North vs. South Dinner - The North

The Northern menu of our North vs. South Dinner Duel will be designed and prepared by Karen Fiedler, the Head Chef at the Tin Whistle Irish Pub in Charlottesville.

Through five courses Karen will be taking us on a tour of the North! Keep in mind that the menu is likely to change a bit (surprises are always good!), but these ideas are to mouth-watering not to share.

First New Jersey:
Featuring classic Taylor ham, quail eggs and bagels
Second, New York:
Foie Gras au torchon, and northern fruits and nuts (rhubarb, spiced oranges, toasted pecans)
Third, Maine:
Lobster and seafood of course! and fresh spring vegetables to honor the lively farming communities.
Fourth,  Pennsylvania:
Rabbit Hasenpfeffer (braised), sauteed morels and Pennsylvania dutch traditions. 
Fifth, Vermont: 
Vermont will take us through dessert, and we have one word... Maple! There will likely also be cream, bacon and walnut involved. Yum. 
Stay tuned to the blog this week to see what our Southern Chef has planned for your plate!
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