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Winter Soup Workshop with Victoria Godfrey

Winter Soup Workshop (II)


Victoria Godfrey

These are recipes I created from scratch, borrowed from friends, or go-to recipes that I turned to well-worn cookbooks for always having to remember which cookbook, then rereading my scribbled notes on changes.  It is a matter of convenience to put them in one place; it is a matter of sentimentality to write about them. 

Food is evocative, it is sensual.  The procurement, preparation, consumption, the texture, the smell, and company it is enjoyed with cannot be pared away, be it a ballpark frank or an oyster on the half shell.  That said, food is personal.  Quoting Julia Child,

            “. . . since few cooks, once they have mastered a recipe, want to do it exactly the same way twice - that’s a pedestrian and boring way to cook.  You want to try a new flavor like chopped green peppers, or you want to simmer the meat in white wine instead of red . . . In other words, the main theme of the recipe is in your memory bank, and you can begin to have some fun with variations of your own.  Now you are really cooking.“ I think Ms. Child could have said “really living” as well as “really cooking”. 

In this soup-based workshop we’ll chop, saute’ and simmer our way through a colorful spectrum of steamy goodness. Starting with tasting cups in the kitchen sampling a stock and two go-to quick soups we’ll move to the lovely Pharsalia dining room for a seated luncheon.

The midday meal you will enjoy will feature two more soups, salad, Divine Deviled Eggs from Foxie and Victoria’s flocks, fresh-baked bread and a whimsical dessert.

All recipes will be printed and distributed at the start of the event. To wrap up our gathering, a drawing for some hand-crafted door prizes.

Fee: $85

If you would like to pay by check for this event please register with Tammy at 434-277-5231
Please note that Pharsalia's cancellation policy does not allow refunds 7 days or fewer from the day of the event. 




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