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Flower Arranging 101 with Meg Laughon

Flower Arranging 101 with Meg Laughon            10:00 - 1:30   Thursday, August 3, 2017

This class is for the novice who wants to learn the basics in arranging flowers for fun and enjoyment.  Not only will Meg teach you how to arrange but she will go over the proper way to cut and condition your flowers, the mechanics used in arranging as well as colors and shapes.   Buckets and buckets of fine cut flowers as well as vases will be provided for you to use in practicing as Meg demonstrates some of the tricks of the trade. 

Come bring a friend and enjoy spending the day on a flower farm at historic Pharsalia.  

The class, materials and lunch are $85.00.


Flower Arranging 101 with Meg Laughon


Pharsalia's favorite clippers will also be for sale along with other tools and supplies for arranging.