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Making Vintage Valentines with Mary Kathryn McIntosh

Join Mary Kathryn McIntosh for this fun workshop!  Attendees will learn the history and tradition of making and sending valentine cards and be able to make their own vintage valentines to take home.  Authentic valentines from her private collection will be on display.

The format for this two-hour workshop includes a short lecture about the history of valentines followed by workshop time.  Participants receives a generous kit especially prepared by Mary Kathryn from sources both here and abroad to create a minimum of three valentines.  Sample Victorian verse is included as well.  Participants must bring their own pointed scissors.

Bring a friend and enjoy making beautiful valentine cards for your home or to send as a special treat.  A wonderful catered lunch is included in the fee for $75.00.

Making Vintage Valentines with Mary Kathryn McIntosh


Our facilitator, Mary Kathryn McIntosh, is a College of William and Mary graduate who presents both lectures and workshops on early Christmas and Valentine history.  Mary Kathryn founded Lynchburg Historic Tours in 2007.  She is active in The Golden Glow of Christmas Past, an international organization devoted to the collecting and study of early Christmas memorabilia.

Cancellation Policy:  No refunds will be given to registrants that are cancelling 7 days or fewer from the day of the event.