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'Must Have Tools' for the Gardening Trade With Fran Boninti

Learn from a seasoned expert!  Fran Boninti will present this program focusing on easy and good tools to use for gardening that are geared towards women.  From clothing to small and large hand tools, sharpening and care of tools and discussions of different brands, she will lead you to gardening practices to make tasks easier.  A focus will be on buying the right tools that will last your lifetime.  There will be lots of show and tell of many different products so participants can handle all the items discussed.

Catalogs and different sources will be shared.  This is not about one company owning all the products.  Drawings will be held throughout the morning!  The class will be followed by a delicious lunch catered at Pharsalia.  

Enjoy the day and bring a gardening friend. Class fee with lunch is $50.00

'Must Have Tools'

About the speaker:  Born in Greenport, New York on the north fork of Long Island.  Potato country at the time but now many vineyards.  I'm first generation American.  My parents both born in Croatia so I grew up very European.  Gardening is second nature as everyone fed themselves via their own gardens.  Grandmother and my mother had massive flower gardens.

As a teenager I was embarrassed by my parents composting.  I now keep three piles going at our house!

Master gardener since since 1991 and have over 12,000 volunteer hours.  Member of Rivanna Garden Club since 1991.  Was the state horticulture chair for Garden Club of Virginia.  Graduate of the first Charlottesville Tree Steward class.  Was on the Ivy Creek board for nine years and a guide for 22 years.  Monticello garden guide, Monticello Saturdays in the garden guide as well as well as special tours for 17 years.  House was a mess the whole time!

Met Andrew when we were 16.  Celebrating our 44th anniversary in October.  He's a wonderful gardener!  Favorite flowers in our garden are our two daughters Kendall and Caitlin.  Violets are a distant third.

Cancellation policy:  No refunds will be given to registrants that are cancelling 7 days or fewer from the day of the event.